About Me


Denis Vranich is a Hamilton, Ontario executive who for the past fifteen years has been active in a range of real estate development-related industries, including construction, property management and the hospitality industry.  In addition, Denis spent several years working in multi-area franchise development, specifically with Quiznos Canada.

Denis Vranich remains focused in the area of construction and the development and redevelopment of multi-residential properties.  He currently leads UrbanLife Residential, the construction side of Denis’ development business.  As a real estate development company, UrbanLife Residential is especially focused on environmental-friendly construction techniques.  With a goal of developing and redeveloping buildings with as small of a carbon footprint as possible, the company is a licensed spray foam insulation and spray foam roof applicator.

Before leading UrbanLife Residential, in the nineties, Denis gained experience in acquiring and redeveloping various multi-unit residential properties.  In 2002, Denis expanded into multi-area franchise development when he connected with Quiznos Canada.  That year, Denis committed to acquiring, constructing and operating 13 different Quiznos locations in southern Ontario.  Over the next four years, Denis opened Quiznos stores in London, Hamilton, and Milton, among other locations.  Further, Denis served as one of just two franchisees that constructed their own stores.  By 2006, Denis sold the last of his Quiznos stores, most of which had sold within months of their opening.

At the same time as he was managing his franchise agreement with Quiznos, Denis Vranich also began acquiring real estate in the entertainment district in Hamilton, also known as Hess Village.  Returning his focus on property development and redevelopment, Denis acquired 14 separate commercial properties in Hess Village over the span of several years, properties that included Gown & Gavel and Rockbar.  Similar to Denis’ experience with Quiznos, most of these businesses were also sold within months of their opening.

Denis Vranich and UrbanLife Residential look forward to continuing to develop and redevelop multi-residential units that are superior in design and quality, while focusing on green building techniques.